Spontaneous Demonstrations Follow Vote

People Take to the Streets to Protest President Elect

As soon as news media began calling the 2016 Presidential race the protest began.  Spontaneous anti-Trump demonstrations took place in multiple cities around the country in the late night and early morning hours as votes were still being tallied.  In shock and outrage hundreds protested the horrifying news that a greedy, obnoxious, tax evading, bamboozler with no political experience could actually have won the Presidency.  The entire world would be laughing at the United States right now if they weren’t so terrified.  International stock exchanges tumbled on the news.  And as Americans come to grips with the reality ahead, Supreme Court nominations, climate change deniers running the government, millions loosing health insurance, more tax breaks for the rich, and sweeping nationalist bigotry, things look very grim indeed.

How did this happen?

No doubt there will be much analysis ahead.  For now let’s consider how we got stuck with two shitty candidates.  Read the New York Times article from last August, which explains how just 9% of Americans picked these two clowns.  Many say the two party system is the problem.  Gore Vidal had a better angle when he said that the United States has one political party with two right wings.  Sure, one is a bit less conservative than the other but they both represent the same tiny uber-wealthy class that owns and runs the country.

Had the Democratic Party embraced and supported Bernie, we wouldn’t be in this mess.  Faced with a clear choice between an experienced candidate who actually supports working people and a loudmouth lying prick like Trump, Americans would have chosen wisely.  The white working class vote that gave Trump the White House certainly has its redneck element but the Democrats have to admit that they lost because they have nothing to offer the poor and working poor in the US.

Working class folks saw that Clinton represented the same Wall Street banks and big business interests that have been getting richer and richer on the backs of the people.  While Trump certainly won’t be doing any better for lower income people, he was clever enough tap into the anger that they feel and gain appeal using the simplistic approach of presenting himself as “different”.  They did not see a filthy rich obnoxious asshole who made money by borrowing from others, loosing the money, then getting tax relief for losses that weren’t his to begin with.  They did not see a hot-headed, cruel con artist living a lavish life who pays less income tax than a school teacher.  People were sold the myth of the fabulously successful, straight talking, rebel who was going to take on the establishment.  Yes, it’s the same bullshit that got Reagan elected; at least Ronny could read.

It’s unfortunate that people are so easily fooled into voting against their own economic self interests by someone who’s best trick is claiming that he is an outsider.  We’ve seen before how conservative Republicans can win over voters with bullshit hot-button issues and scapegoating immigrants for the economic pain those very same politicians have actually cause.  This time around is different, however.  An ill-informed portion of the electorate, which amounts to something like 13 to 25 percent of the potential voters, has made a grave error that will cost many of them and all of the rest of us to suffer for a very long time.

What Now?

There is no question that the election of Mr. Grab-Them-By-The-Pussy and a Congress full of backward thinking, money grubbing conservatives will have disastrous consequences for the environment,  education, health care for low income people, reproductive rights, the LGBTQ population, ethnic minorities, the very poor and homeless population of the US.   It will be bad for others all over the globe as well.

Sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better.  Americans aren’t like the French.  We don’t put up a big fight when the ruling class nibbles away at our world.  We’ll take a lot of shit before we get angry.  Now things ARE about to get much worse and that means that a lot of people will finally start fighting back.  Maybe this will turn out to be the kick in the ass Americans needed to wake up, stand up, and fight!