Candlelight Vigil at Waterfront

2016-11-13_pdx-resistance_0456Tonight a candlelight vigil was held near the Salmon Street Springs fountain at the Waterfront in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Leaders of Portland’s Resistance and other community members shared their stories and delivered motivating thoughts regarding moving forward to protect the environment, our country, and our community.  Portland’s Resistance was formed immediately following the results of the 2016 election to protest the election of the President Elect and to organize to protect the rights of marginalized populations.

On November 11th Portland’s Resistance hosted a peaceful gathering at City Hall.  Attendees heard from the leadership regarding non-violent protesting.  After the event some took to the streets, marching in support of City action to protect the working class and marginalized populations.   They were met by riot police.  A carload people confronted protesters on Morrison Bridge and fired shots.  One protester was hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

A peaceful vigil in support for the survivor of the shooting and for those who were arrested during peaceful protests across the city.  The vigil was also held in solidarity for all who have experienced violence for simply living their lives, for those who have passed as a result of hate crimes, and for those in marginalized communities who will be most impacted by Donald Trump’s presidency.  Some pictures from the vigil have been added to the photo page on