Cheney Impeachment Resolution

US House of Representatives Sends Cheney Impeachment Resolution to Judiciary Committee.

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) read his resolution to impeach our war criminal Vice President Dick Cheney (video) on the floor of the US House of Representatives today. Dennis had attempted to introduce articles of impeachment on prior occasions, but was blocked by his Democrat and Republican colleagues.

The resolution, supported by 22 other members of Congress, was allowed today and the House voted to send the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee. The House had voted to allow a one hour debate on the impeachment resolution only after a large number of Republicans voted to do so. Their motive was to isolate the few Democrats who actually support impeachment, who they regard as extremists, and to embarrass the rest of the Democrats who are just too chickenshit to even touch this discussion.

The majority of Congressional Democrats joined the 218 to 194 vote to send the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee. They did this not because they support impeachment, but rather as a parliamentary trick to kill debate on the issue before the full House.

Read the articles of impeachment
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