March For Science

April 22, 2017

Photos of the March For Science
Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR
April 22, 2017

Around the world, massive crowds turned to support science and to send a message to political leaders who attack evidence-based scientific realities and deliberately ignore facts in favor of personal opinion and myth.  The organizers of the March For Science in Portland announced goals including humanizing science and affirming science as a democratic value.

March For Science
March For Science
April 22, 2017
Portland, OR

Portland Science Advocates core principals include:

  • Science is for the common good
  • Support of cutting edge science education
  • Science should be transparent and inclusive
  • Evidence-based policy and regulations in the public interest
  • Funding for scientific research and its applications

An 10:00 AM rally was held at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.   Also at the waterfront were booths set up by local environmental groups, science organizations, educators, and others, some of which included activities for children.  The family friendly event was very well attended.  Speakers the rally included Gabe Sheoships, of the Cayuse and Walla Walla Nations, of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla, US Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, Shashi Jain – an Innovation Manager at Intel, Rich Hatfield – Senior Conservation Biologist at the Portland-based Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, MD – State Senator from District 17.

Following the rally, thousands marched south on Natio Parkway to Jefferson Street then west to Fourth Avenue.  The march continued north on Fourth as far as Pine Street then returned to the waterfront to gather again in the expo area and to enjoy performances from local musicians.


The crowd continued to grow lager and larger throughout the morning.  Even after almost all had left the waterfront for the march, more and more continued to arrive to stand up for science.  Several other Earth Day demonstrations and activities took place around the city today too.  Around the world, people in over 600 cities joined the March For Science.

The sponsors of the Portland March For Science are continuing to raise funds to cover the permit fee and other event costs.

T-shirts can be purchased at

New York Times Book Of Science

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Ice Out of Oregon Rally!

March 6, 2017

ICE Out Of Oregon
ICE Out Of Oregon Rally in Portland, OR on March 6, 2017 and Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario organized a rally to protest the Immigration Customs Enforcement campaign of terror in Oregon.  Since Trump took office ICE agents have been imposing fear in our community.  The rally was organized well in advance, yet coincidentally occurred on the day a new executive order was issued banning travelers from six countries from entering the US.  The revamped Muslim ban replaces Trump’s earlier attempt that was shot down in the courts as unconstitutional.

In addition to barring entry of people from Iran, Libya Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days, the order also suspends entry of many refugees fro 120 days.  The ACLU views the new executive order as religious discrimination also and has vowed to challenge it in court, as it did with the first Muslim ban.

The Ice Out of Oregon Rally! was held on a rainy afternoon at the Immigration Customs Enforcement Office located at 4310 SW Macadam Avenue in Portland.  Cold and wet as it was, a hearty crowd turned out to show solidarity for immigrant community.  The demonstrators attracted a constant symphony of supportive honks from rush hour drivers. 

At a time when the US government has reversed course on a slightly more humane set of immigration policies, Portlanders gathered to express welcoming kindness to those who have come to this country to create a better life for themselves and their families.  Conversely, the new administration is abusively tearing apart families.  ICE is not showing any restraint in deporting law abiding residents.  They are showing little regard to the conditions that allowed many to remain in the country for years while trying to resolve issues with their immigration status.

We The People March - Portland

We The People Marching United IN RESISTANCE!

Monday, February 20, 2017

A rally organized by the Oregon AFL-CIO was held at Director Park in downtown Portland on Presidents’ Day in protest of the Trump agenda.  Sponsors also included Basic Rights Oregon, Causa Oregon, Northwest Oregon Labor Council, Oregon AFSCME Council 75, Oregon Education Association, Portland Jobs with Justice, Unite Oregon (formerly Center for Intercultural Organizing & Oregon Action), and SEIU.

Organizers issue this statement:  “Since Inauguration Day, the rights of too many have been threatened, attacked, or withheld. We are all stronger when we stand together in unity. Resistance to attacks on members of our community requires a strong, steady and collective voice. Be part of that collective voice, take action and march on Presidents’ Day in Oregon to show our unified resistance to injustice.”

The rally featured several speakers from organized labor and community organizations.  Following the rally demonstrators joined in lively and uplifting march through the city.  The crowd’s chants included “SÍ SE PUEDE”, “Who’s street?  Our Streets!”, “No Trump!, No KKK!, No Fascist USA!”, and “The people united will never be defeated!”.

#NotMYPresidentsDay Protest

ACLU of Oregon Tweet regarding police attacking protesters on Presidents’ Day.

A smaller separate protest, organized by Don’t Shoot Portland, began at the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building about an hour before the larger rally at Director Park.  Don’t Shoot PDX had asked the City in advance to have the cops show restraint at the Not My Presidents’ Day protest.  Following the killing by Portland police of 17 year old Quanice Derrick Hayes, Don’t Shoot PDX called upon Mayor Ted Wheeler to ensure the safety of demonstrators.  The group asked the mayor to see that police not exercise excessive force at the President’s Day demonstration.

The Don’t Shoot PDX event concluded with a march to join the larger group at Director Park.  There was also some police violence against protesters.  Several demonstrators were assaulted by police and some arrests were made.

March and Rally for Justice and Equality

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The organizers, Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform, billed the demonstration as “Advancing Justice and Equality for All Through the Strength to Love”.

The masses assembled at the Martin Luther King Statue near the Convention Center in northeast Portland, OR.  Thousands of kind hearted Portlanders moved north on Martin Luther King Blvd., chanting against racism, inequality,  and injustice.  The march ended at Maranatha Church at NE 12th and Skidmore.

The demonstration was endorsed by many local groups including the NAACP Portland Chapter, Urban League of Portland, Unite Oregon, Muslim Educational Trust, Portland Copwatch, and others.

There were other demonstrations on Saturday.  Demonstrators gathered at Portland International Airport (PDX), as well as many other airports around the country, to protest an order by Mr. Grab-Them-By-Pussy to bar all refugees from entering the United States for four months.  Even those with US Permanent Resident Alien status from several countries can be refused re-entry to the US under his unprecedented sweeping draconian policy.  Trump’s executive order authorizes the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security to admit refugees on a “case-by-case” basis, for people of a minority religion in their home countries. In effect, Trump has barred Muslims from entering the United States, while favoring the entry of Christians.  The ACLU filed a lawsuit in regards to this policy.  See

UPDATE:  The suit resulted in a Federal judge issuing a stay!

Also on Saturday, a crowd gathered at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square to protest against Trump’s executive order to proceed with the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.

Women’s March on Portland

Saturday, January 21, 2017


They just kept coming and coming and coming! People came pouring in from the east side of the Willamette River across the Hawthorne Bridge. Literally as far as the eye could see. The same was true on the Morrison Bridge and from all directions west of the river, all heading to Tom McCall Waterfront Park. By noon tens of thousands had arrived to protest the lunacy of the 2017 election. It appears the crowd will approach 100,000. An appropriately extraordinary turn out for extraordinary times.

Rally and March for a
United Front Against the Trump Agenda

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The rally took place at Shemanski Park, at SW Salmon & Park in downtown Portland. It featured moving speeches from activists and leaders of from labor, community organizations, and political groups, all uniting to defend working people and marginalized populations. The event was organized by Jobs With Justice with support from a wide range of others. Following the rally was a march to the waterfront where the group joined the historic Women’s March.

RISE UP and Resist Fascism: Inauguration Day Protest
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Portland, Oregon
Jan. 20, 2017

January 20, 2017

If you are not FURIOUS then you’re not paying attention!

Well it’s official. A dishonest, vulgar, greedy, reckless, sexual assailant, incompetent, bigoted, con artist, is moving into the White House. Clearly this orangutan is totally unprepared to assume power. Dozens and dozens of appointments have yet to be made (Obama’s picks will stick around for a while) and they’ve continuously demonstrated that they don’t know how to do the job. They’ve built a cabinet of the inexplicably unqualified, with a mission to destroy the very agencies and offices of which they’ve been charged to operate.

But when you’ve got Breitbart wisdom on your side, you know where to start. The White House website has been updated. Day one. No more of that pesky women’s rights crap, climate change make believe, or LBGT stuff. No priority problems here. PR is top of the list. Today this re-incarnated P.T. Barnum is getting the nuclear war weaponry launch codes handed to him and preparing to spray paint the White House GOLD from floor to ceiling. It will look FANTASIC!

Oh, we’re in for a hell of a ride. Let’s do our best to keep it as short as possible. Hmmm… let me count the ways. I’m partial to the hope that Mr. Grab-Them-By-The-Pussy will end up in jail for tax evasion and numerous other crimes. After swift impeachment the remaining crew will of course continue to do tremendous damage, but one step at a time. Trump has to go. Quickly. So much for D.C.

For the moment, PEOPLE can have influence over government. Turning out in large numbers and taking it to the streets frequently is what we have to do. In Stump Town a diverse crowd rallied against fascism at Pioneer Courthouse Square and marched the streets of Portland. Let these pictures help inspire us to keep stirring up trouble.

Photos: Inauguration Day Protest – Portland, OR

Photos from November 13th Candlelight Vigil
Portland, Oregon

Portland Resistance Candlelight Vigil2016-11-13_pdx-resistance_0456On November 11th Portland’s Resistance hosted a peaceful gathering at City Hall. Attendees heard from the leadership regarding non-violent protesting. After the event some took to the streets, marching in support of City action to protect the working class and marginalized populations. They were met by riot police. A carload people confronted protesters on Morrison Bridge and fired shots. One protester was hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

A peaceful vigil in support for the survivor of the shooting and for those who were arrested during peaceful protests across the city. The vigil was also held in solidarity for all who have experienced violence for simply living their lives, for those who have passed as a result of hate crimes, and for those in marginalized communities who will be most impacted by Donald Trump’s presidency. Below are a few pictures from the vigil at the Waterfront.

Photos from November 10th Anti-Trump Rally and march
Portland, Oregon