Today Is The Day

Inauguration Day Protest

Well it’s official. A dishonest, vulgar, greedy, reckless, sexual assailant, incompetent, bigoted, con artist, is moving into the White House. Clearly this orangutan is totally unprepared to assume power. Dozens and dozens of appointments have yet to be made (Obama’s picks will stick around for a while) and they’ve continuously demonstrated that they don’t know how to do the job. They’ve built a cabinet of the inexplicably unqualified, with a mission to destroy the very agencies and offices of which they’ve been charged to operate.

But when you’ve got Breitbart wisdom on your side, you know where to start. The White House website has been updated. Day one. No more of that pesky women’s rights crap, climate change make believe, or LBGT stuff. No priority problems here. PR is top of the list. Today this re-incarnated P.T. Barnum is getting the nuclear war weaponry launch codes handed to him and preparing to spray paint the White House GOLD from floor to ceiling. It will look FANTASIC!

Oh, we’re in for a hell of a ride. Let’s do our best to keep it as short as possible. Hmmm… let me count the ways. I’m partial to the hope that Mr. Grab-Them-By-The-Pussy will end up in jail for tax evasion and numerous other crimes. After swift impeachment the remaining crew will of course continue to do tremendous damage, but one step at a time. Trump has to go. Quickly. So much for D.C.

For the moment, PEOPLE can have influence over government. Turning out in large numbers and taking it to the streets frequently is what we have to do. In Stump Town a diverse crowd rallied against fascism at Pioneer Courthouse Square and marched the streets of Portland. Let these pictures help inspire us to keep stirring up trouble.