Trump’s Anti-Labor Secretary

Anti-Labor millionaire right-winger Andrew Puzder is expected to be named Labor Secretary.  Pudzer, who was was reported by Bloomberg to earn nearly $4.5 million in salary and other compensation in 2012, is on record as opposing a minimum wage above $9 per hour ($18,000 per year).  Interestingly, at one time he worked for a law firm that represented teamsters’ union boss Jimmy Hoffa.  Pudzer heads a fast-food conglomerate that owns, among other things, the Carl’s Jr. restaurant chain.

photo by Danconia92 (creative commons)

Carl Karcher, founder of Carl’s Jr. was a notorious right-wing crackpot who support the John Birch Society.  Andrew Puzder has been known as an anti-regulation mouthpiece and active opponent of abortion rights.  He authored the law that required all Missouri state laws be interpreted to provide fetuses with rights equal to actual persons.  Puzder also was Executive V.P. and General Counsel for Fidelity, managing one of the largest corporate legal departments in the country.

Just what Mr. Grab-them-by-the-pussy‘s team needs, another rich old white dude to screw working people.